Here, each participating student wrote their experience working with the Kew Gardens project.


During this project, I mostly worked on the HTML and CSS (with some XSLT and XML debugging). My greatest experience was with the CSS. I was assigned to be the designer of this website, which was 100% fine with me! So, I let my imagination lead me with these pages. Along with our consultant, Professor Beshero of Penn State: The Behrend Campus, I worked on making the image frames for each page wrap around the correspond page content. This was very much a game of trial and error, but that is one of my favorite ways to learn in this medium. I also drew the cursor image! However, I cannot take credit for the cursor actually working, that was all #yxj! I was also the Quality Control Manager.

Though Kew Gardens is not my favorite writing, I do love the imagery. I also like how the scrolling drawings on the margins correlate to some of the content. It was also interesting to perceive how the writing imitated the social structure of the time as well as how the language differs from today.


My main contribution to the project was work on the transcription and xml markup. I handled the transcription of the first half of the book and gathered the images of them. Afterwards, I marked up that same half in xml to fit our group's schema. Overall, learning to work with a variety of different code and then applying it to some actual historical documents has been a pretty interesting experience.


I was responsible for transcribing and describing of pages 13-24 and coding relax NG and xslt files. I got a lot of help on coding relax NG and xslt from our consultant, professor Beshero, so finally we got satisfactory relax ng and xslt files.